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Hello! I'm gonna remain anonymous for now since I don't wanna reveal who I am. All I'm gonna say is I am Chinese I'm gonna say this Blog is my place for when I feel in the mood to share what I'm going through and what's going on- but not the big details. My diary that I'll keep on filling (hopefully). Because I'm not best with diaries, I just incomplete them. I'm just an ordinary girl living a generation full of technology, judgement and racism. There's so many ideas I wanna share that'll explode like a coke bottle (metaphor from Girl Online-Zoe Sugg) Photography is the thang! Also nature! Hope you'll enjoy this. See you around

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Girl Online | Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

Reviewing Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

"This is a great read" The Guardian Newspaper.

As all of you may know the YouTuber and Blogger 'Zoella' or Zoe Sugg. In November 2014, she published her first Novel called "Girl Online". In this Blog post, I am going to talk about this awesome book. How good it is and what I should suggest.
For those people who do not know who Zoe Sugg is, she is a British internet personality, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Vlogger and YouTuber who has millions of Subscribers. A YouTube senseation.

This book is about a fifteen year old amateur photographer girl named Penny, she suffers Panic Attacks and anxiety due to her past. Her parents whisks her away to New York to get her mind off things during Christmas. When she is in New York, she meets a guitar-strumming American who she instantly falls in love with. But he is destined to tell Penny a secret, but it will ruin their friendship forever. (This is a brief summary of the book from my perspective). A romantic book with friendships and family. This book is aimed at young girls, who have a passion for reading

Tremendously Romantic I should say. It is also a moving story that can give you the tingles; a lot of tingles. "Even though I still don't really know very much about Noah, on some deeper level it feels like I've known him forever,"  Sighs Penny. "Is this what it means when people talk about meeting their soulmate?" Favourite quotes.

This books make my imagination go wild. It makes me so easy just to imagine, every single part of the book is in my heard role playing over and over again, Zoella is articulate. This is why an image of the book is in my head. I can imagine Penny and the boy together.

New York sounds like a really amazing place to be and to go travelling to, Brooklyn Bridge, wow! Someday you guys should go and if you do live there, lucky you! Someday I am going to travel there

Overall I would rate this book a 8.9/10.
The message that Zoella is trying to put out there to Readers is that relationships can have a twist to life, someday all of you will find your soul mate in your life. Also another message is that your best friendships won't last forever, you may or may not trust them, and someday you'll just have to let them go like a leaf from a tree, which is a sad thing, but like Noah says "Time is a great healer."

Thank you for reading (if you're reading) this was really long, apologies. Let me know what you think of the book in the comments below.

HazzaMazza x

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I Wanted A Change | Introduction

I wanted to start a Blog.

The reason for that is because I can never keep my thoughts in my mind, I would express what is in my inner thoughts. And since I love writing and the English subject itself, so I would combine them together and I am writing on this today and on wards in the future.And also my dream in the future is to be an Author, and someday I also want this Blog to rise a bit:D

All of the stuff that I could talk about on here I can't say in real life because I am a very timid person who's in her own little world and in a shell that has opened a crack a little. What I mean by that is that I'm working my way to build up my confidence, so I am getting there. Do you ever feel like that in your own little ball and trapped from the outside world and have the struggle to crack it?

I've had many diaries in the past and many of them failed because I just didn't feel bothered anymore- although I did quite enjoying looking back on the past and see what happened in my life- but I guess this Blog will be called my Diary because I will definitely stick to it and it is my private place where I can share me stuff to you guys- if you're interested. If not then that doesn't matter, you don't have to read what I say, this is just my second wittle world.I'm so9 full of ideas that I feel like my brain is going to explode!!!

Thank you for reading (if you even are) and I will see you in my upcoming Blogs!