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Hello! I'm gonna remain anonymous for now since I don't wanna reveal who I am. All I'm gonna say is I am Chinese I'm gonna say this Blog is my place for when I feel in the mood to share what I'm going through and what's going on- but not the big details. My diary that I'll keep on filling (hopefully). Because I'm not best with diaries, I just incomplete them. I'm just an ordinary girl living a generation full of technology, judgement and racism. There's so many ideas I wanna share that'll explode like a coke bottle (metaphor from Girl Online-Zoe Sugg) Photography is the thang! Also nature! Hope you'll enjoy this. See you around

Monday, 2 November 2015

Anime & Manga | Thoughts

Favourite Anime & Manga so far:
Fairy Tail
Sword Art Online
Vampire Knight

Those are my favourites so far.

I don't know why, but I just feel like talking about anime and manga since it is my favourite thing to do whenever I feel down, when I'm bored, need something to watch before going to bed or just normally watch it as I am on the web.

I just wish all the Anime lovers (known as otaku's) could just join together as one and all be friends. I certainly do wish to have that in my school, want more friends who share the same passion as me (not to get rid of the old ones of course), just why isn't there an anime club?.

5 things you should do whilst getting prepared to watch/watching Anime
1) Make yourself a nice cup of tea (or whatever drink you would like), and also grab some snacks while you're at it.
2) Get yourself a box of tissues for when you need to cry. Don't want to have a stream of them (Only used for a sad anime). Or if your eyes are like a tap-like me then use them in happy moments.
3) Any non-otaku's should not be allowed to come into room and disturb your precious anime time.
4) If you are on your down days, watch something that makes you feel more comfortable and what makes you laugh. It works on some people.
5) On a cold, dreary day sit down in your cosy socks, warm jumpers with your device and watch away!


Girl Online On Tour | Zoe Sugg

Girl Online On Tour
Since I already probably told you about Zoella, so I'm just gonna go straight in to the what's it about?

Penny's Bags Are Packed
When Noah invites Penny on his European music tour, she can't wait to spend time with her rock-god-tastic boyfriend. But, between Noah's jam-packed schedule, less-than welcoming band mates and threatening messages from jealous fans, Penny wonders whether she's really cut out for life on tour. She can't help but miss her family, her best friend Elliot... and her blog, Girl Online.

Can Penny learn to balance life and love on the road, or will she lose everything in pursuit of the perfect summer?

Why I love it?
Since I loved Girl Online, why wouldn't I love the second book? It was quite an emotional ride. Apparently if you listen to music that fits well into the sign i.e listening to a deep and sad song in one of the scenes you'll end up almost crying (or is it just me?)

What I should of said in my previous Blog post of the review of the first book is that I love how Penny goes to New York and share some description of the place and the landmark itself. Everyone is just in New York now like the Sacconejolys, Joe Sugg, like wow!

Anyways I love how Zoe inputs like different kinds of things in each city to feel like a tourist attraction, so awesome! Love how she does her own research on Elliot the character too, the Wikipedia.

I love how all the characters have learnt to support and forgive one another and pick each other back up when they are down. And not everyone can turn out the way they thought they would be. Wish I can share some parts with you, but I can't. Unless I wanted to, but not gonna spoil anything.

This isn't really a good review because I'm not very great at reviewing at all, this is just an explanation on why I love it I guess.

For both books, it's definitely getting a 10/10!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

YouTubers | Thoughts

Why I am writing this Blog?
Well since I love YouTube and the people I subscribe to I love their content and the person themselves. I just felt like wanting to share with you all about my favourite YouTubers, and talk about them. Many of them I am going to talk about you will know and love. Enjoy!
In addition to what I said I haven't been watching YouTube for too long, only for 4 months and a few days, so I may not know my info. But I've watched many throwbacks of different YouTubers (A LOOOT!) YouTube is my replacement of TV to be honest and why did I not do this sooner...

Zoe Sugg (Zoella)
I love her as a person and a Youtuber one of the main reasons is because she gives us happiness and whenever we are in a down right mood she always is the one to cheer us up with her videos. I see that everywhere in the comments of her videos and I also agree.

She gives us so many things like her new product range, her Christmas range and her new Girl Online On Tour book release, and what do we do in return? We give her these many possibilities and opportunities that she can fulfill because of us: supporting her, watching her every Sunday and tweeting her many things and subscribing to her as a whole.

I love how she is a such a sweet person and she encourages me to get back up whenever you fall hard. There's so many more that I can say about her, but I need to stop rambling :P

Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog)
Well I fricking love Alfie's Twitter because he is filled with quotes that are awfully true. Now I know that quotes sounds like a cringy thing, but honestly I love them and they just descrive life in this generation and just life in general to be honest.

But that's not the only reason why I like him, he is filled with spirit, and gives us inspiration to stuff like not to give up and 'Do more of what makes you happy'. Which is true.

I love his Daily Vlogging and nothing beats to a good old Vlog when I am down (which is probably every day).

And there are many other YouTubers I love such as: ThatcherJoe, Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, Oli White, Jacksepticeye, Marcus Butler, Tyler Oakley, the list can go on and on. But I love them all equally.

Who's your favourite YouTuber?

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Family Issues | Lifestyle

Family Issues
You know when you get those families who excessively argue and argue? Well I got me one of those. My Mum and Dad argue sometimes, even my Brother and my Mum! Including my sister and my mum before my sister had to move out.

And this would be me, the one who gets fed up of it and would wanna move out myself.

How to survive Family crisis, arguments and issues?
1) Do not get involved if it is a situation that hasn't got anything to do with you. If it is then try to be civil with whoever, and try to persuade the person that this is right and this wrong (I don't do this much, but there are a lot of situations where I just want to scream at my mum and tell her that she is wrong for a particular reason.

2) Put on some good quality headphones and blast out your music- not that loud to make yourself death, but loud enough so the music blocks away what you mum is saying or any other family member.

3) If you're a sensitive like me, then whatever you do, do not cry in front of your family otherwise whoever is angry will be angry at you for acting vulnerable. My crying place is the bathroom because you always have a door that symbolises a barrier to the world, so I just let my emotions out there.

4) If you get angry for the reason of chitter chatter from parents, then get something to relieve the stress. For instance Bubble wrap can help, like popping little heads of someone.

5) Tell your friends about it; but not all your friends, just the ones you are close to and trust. And be careful what you tell, not too much detail, your friends can reassure you and help you relax.

And the main one: Always stay positive no matter what you're going through

Hazza is going to Mazza x

Sunday, 25 October 2015

All The Bright Places | Jennifer Niven

Thoughts About the Author
Its a shame that she has only written two books, wish she wrote more in the future. But even though I only read 1/2 of her books, already I fell in love with the author (not literally), but author loving wise. She is one of my inspirations for the mini book I am doing and thanks to her, I have a bundle of ideas more than before.

Jennifer structures and puts the story together to make an amazing piece. And I like it for that.

About All The Bright Places
They meet on top of the school's bell tower and so their story begins. It's only together they can be themselves. But as Violet's world grows, Finch's begins to shrink. How far will Violet go to save the boy she has come to love.

A book about Mental Illness and how people fight for their lives.
Including some cheeky little romance in there too and development of friendship.

Why I love it?
Well why hate it? There's nothing really to hate about to be honest. The gripping tension between the two characters (not gonna say what happens, all I'm going to say that it id towards the end). One of the main things about it is the development of a friendship-that'll be friendship goals right there! Also the adventures that both of them have. But the one main thing is that there is always a sweet heart within someone even they fit in the crowd and ignore the ones that are below them.

All these adventures makes me wanna go on holiday now! Let the summer come back again!

So much twists and turns; I like it!!

My Rating
I would say a 8.9/10. The only reason for that though is because in the ending there wasn't any need of an extra bit, letting it end there would be fine (anyone who has read it will get it) I know that isn't really an agreeable statement, but it's the truth.
But other than that it is super-duper awesometastic!

Friday, 31 July 2015


 Konnichiwa. In this Blog I am going to be telling you about a condition/ suffering what is called misery. Not a lot of people around me have misery, or they do, but it isn't obvious that they do. It is a rare thing to have as most people are happy.
So if I do please at least someone for this then I would as a person would be happy.

What is misery?
There are  few different ways into define what misery is. One way into saying is that it is a condition where it's caused by great distress or extreme unhappiness or need, privation and poverty. But mainly my definition of it is where you are suffering from extreme unhappiness.
This is a condition that can affect someone's life by not focussing on the world around them and just contemplates what they have done wrong and the flashbacks on what has been going on.

My Own Experience
As I went through Reception and Primary School all the way to the middle of Year 8 the misery I had wasn't that serious, but I still had a case of it. Although my misery stopped around then, towards the end of Year 9 I had it again, but little less than before. The causes of it were my family situations where sometimes my siblings would argue with my mum or my Dad will argue with my Mum. And then it sort of led on to having flashbacks in my head of having all the good times back when I was really young. I would cry every time the arguments got a little bit too serious and got a bit too loud, I would just but my head underneath my blanket covers and secretly cry my eyes out until I could fall asleep and wake up feeling dreadful and sad.

Another way that caused it, it was the people around me, the people in my class, people from different Year groups. The first time I got teased and bullied was in Primary School, where I had that haircut which was ever so short that it went up to my tip of the ears, I ended up getting teased from my friend who I realised that I should not have forgiven him. There are different aspects in the cause of my misery, but I am not going in full detail

What can it have an affect on people?
If someone had misery, and the friend is trying to interact with you and your other group of colleagues or friends, that person may be thinking all of them need to go away. Those group of friends may whisper to each other and talk down about you and underestimate you because you don't want them around. That's what friends are for to just be around you when there are times when you need them, but just not all the time.

What you/others can do to prevent this?
What you can do is that try to think positively about the world, flowers instead of darkness- that was not a good comparison- it can all be based around people who are in your life. The way I stopped it was by having friends that can influence me and make more happier when there are days when I just feel like crap and everything I think has gone wrong, their just full of joy and happiness is contagious.

But the one main thing that made me stop being miserable all the time is the development of my confidence., I feel like if you were a shy person and had a little bit of misery then building on your self-esteem and confidence will help too! Although this may not apply to people, but I guess it can for me, but we are not all associated with each other so people will have different views.

In my secondary school where we had this scheme of 'Vertical Tutoring' where we spend 20 minutes a day with people from different years and do activities. At first I literally hated it, no smiles and I just wanted to be under the table, haha. But my Form Tutor encouraged me to come out of my shell and she was and still is the reason why I have came out of my shell and became a better person and gave me a little more happiness..

So the main thing you would want to do is just come in and smile at everybody who come across your face even when you're having those bad moments. Never pay attention to the negative things that are in your way of the boundaries and live life on.

Thank you for reading, I hope this done good for at least one of you, that alone will make me happy


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Jill Mansell A Walk In The Park

Reviewing A Walk In The Park By Jill Mansell
What's it about?
Lara Carson moved away from her hometown, Bath. Leaving her Boyfriend Flynn Erskine 18 years ago with questions, but no answers. Childhood best friend is thrilled for her to be back, as Evie walks down the aisle with her dream man Joel.
When Flynn and Lara meet again sparks fly, but is there a secret she is keeping from him? 

My Opinion about Jill Mansell's:
Jill Mansell I would say is one of my favourite authors probably because I love her Romance stories. Even though I only read two so far I love her stories. But this book is amazing- even though I can't judge because I only read this and her other book 'Solo', I do plan on reading more of her books but just not yet.

Her stories are to die for really.

My Opinion on The Walk In The Park:
What can I say? This book is dreadfully romantic. It's a bit of a tragic and inpatient book because you're destined for the romance to happen again and with the girls best friend having a meltdown. But other than that- not gonna spoil anymore- it is a great book. 

Don't you guys love it when there is a book where you can just imagine every single bit of the book in your head? That's when you know the book is a extravagant. 

The complication of relationships are just endless and surprising. Tessa and Flynn, aww ^^.

My Rating:
Rating out of 10  is gonna be 8/10

Thank you guys for reading, if you're planning on reading this or already read, tell me NOW!

Hazza out x

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

25 Facts About Me | Thoguhts

25 Facts About Me

Konnichiwa wonderful people. Now you can not read about someone that you don not know about them, so in this Blog post I am going to state 25 facts about me:

1) I have a Chinese ethnicity in me, I speak Cantonese, but can't write it.

2) I was born on the 4th September 2000.

3) Languages I can speak are Japanese. Currently learning it by myself (I love everything about their culture, I just want to live there) and I can also speak German, currently learning it in Secondary School.

4) I have a huge phoebia of touching animals and insects, literally have never touched one before and I am scared to.

5) I love Japanese Anime and Manga. Anime is a Japanese cartoon series of different types which you can learn about their culture along the way and maybe learn a few of their words. Manga is a Volume series of anime that had been turned into a sort of Book of pages; but instead it has no narrating, it only has the speech of those characters.

6) The word 'moist' really bothers me because when you have those smelly and sweaty days, you just have to say that word and sounds disgusting.

7) Scared of heights.

8) When I was younger my hair used to be so short that it likes like a mushroom, literally!

9) I have many songs that I like that are from different Genres.

10) My favourite subject is Art, English and Maths.

11) I hate some sports, but other than that I like them. But never do them; so I am fat. But I love Tennis, Basketball and Football

12) I am that type of person who lacks in confidence. The one thing is that I can be weird and like to be crazy, but just can't show it. My self-esteem is awful.

13) I don't trust anyone with my secrets and my thoughts, because life now is a place where people can spread them easily.

14) I am a bookworm, I like to read books in my spare time. Also I also plan story ideas of my own sometimes.

15) I used to hate make-up, back when I was younger, I always thought there was no purpose into wearing it. But now I understand the concept of it, but now I am a true addict, making my collection bigger and bigger.

16) I started Vlogging at the age of 10 or 11, but it had a slight twist. I used to make up a segment on Alfie News (Alfie is a toy Golden Retriever dog that I got from the Andrex Tissues ticket) where I just Vlogged using Alfie as the reporter, and we used to do news of our day, also sports using a Manchester United bear named George as the sport presenter. (Very weird of me) But my brain would be made up of 60% imagination and creativity and 40% reality.

17) In primary school I got hassled by one of my friends and most of my life I got bullied in school (not everyday) so I guess I mean teased and also I had another friend who treated me like a servant
and I was an idiotic person and forgave that person for it and let her carry on

18) I can sing. Well kinda, not the best.

19) Like all variety of music except for Country and Rock.

20) I am a Gamer, yes, I play games like Call Of Duty (which is really fun), Gran Theft Auto and all that other games that boys play. Never had a doubt in my mind that I didn't want to be, I wouldn't really say its a secret either, its just something I don't really need to say.

21) Girly girl style and a little tom boy style is my thing.

22) My eyesight is bad because when I was younger I used to watch a lot of TV without no breaks and I was sitting close to it as well, so my sight has gone really bad, refret that now.

23) I am a messy and a lazy person all the time.

24) Big liar when I am at home, but honest when I am in school; most of the time. There comes to times when I get panicky and had to lie because I didn't want to ruin anything

25) I like a range of music from Japanese-Pop, Korean-Pop, Chinese-pop, general pop, hip hop, RnB and classical.

26) I was a total female dog from Year 7 to the middle of Year 8

That is it for my facts, hope you learnt something new.

Thank You

Monday, 4 May 2015

Friends | Thoughts

All about Friends
Hi everyone, in this Blog post I will be talking about friends.

Some people in this world may question: Are my friends real or fake?  What should I do if I had a fall out?

Do you guys ever get that panicky feeling after you had an argument or fall out, or am I the only one? (Let me know about it) That feeling makes you feel so down about yourself and it isn't a pleasure thing to experience.

A lot of friends you have will have ups and downs, smiles and frowns throughout your friendship. But do not worry, at some point they will forgive you. Unfortunately, sometimes there has to be one friend in your life.

Fake Friends
Fake friends are just basically friends that act like your friend, but they act fake behind your back.

From my own experience, the way you can tell they're or fake-or real is by a real friend, they're there every step of the way to support you.
The way they act with you is hard to tell; if they act like they have some attitude of not caring then that is not a good friend. This will take long to identify, but worth the time.

It is hard to say goodbye and move on from the one who hurts you, but just think: Who makes you happy? Someday you will feel better and move on.

Don't worry about it. In the end it is not your fault, the fakes do not appreciate your awesomeness, so find a friend that will.

My Quote
"You don't have time for those who waste your time"

Do you have any bad experiences of friends?
Let me know in the comments


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Girl Online | Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

Reviewing Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

"This is a great read" The Guardian Newspaper.

As all of you may know the YouTuber and Blogger 'Zoella' or Zoe Sugg. In November 2014, she published her first Novel called "Girl Online". In this Blog post, I am going to talk about this awesome book. How good it is and what I should suggest.
For those people who do not know who Zoe Sugg is, she is a British internet personality, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Vlogger and YouTuber who has millions of Subscribers. A YouTube senseation.

This book is about a fifteen year old amateur photographer girl named Penny, she suffers Panic Attacks and anxiety due to her past. Her parents whisks her away to New York to get her mind off things during Christmas. When she is in New York, she meets a guitar-strumming American who she instantly falls in love with. But he is destined to tell Penny a secret, but it will ruin their friendship forever. (This is a brief summary of the book from my perspective). A romantic book with friendships and family. This book is aimed at young girls, who have a passion for reading

Tremendously Romantic I should say. It is also a moving story that can give you the tingles; a lot of tingles. "Even though I still don't really know very much about Noah, on some deeper level it feels like I've known him forever,"  Sighs Penny. "Is this what it means when people talk about meeting their soulmate?" Favourite quotes.

This books make my imagination go wild. It makes me so easy just to imagine, every single part of the book is in my heard role playing over and over again, Zoella is articulate. This is why an image of the book is in my head. I can imagine Penny and the boy together.

New York sounds like a really amazing place to be and to go travelling to, Brooklyn Bridge, wow! Someday you guys should go and if you do live there, lucky you! Someday I am going to travel there

Overall I would rate this book a 8.9/10.
The message that Zoella is trying to put out there to Readers is that relationships can have a twist to life, someday all of you will find your soul mate in your life. Also another message is that your best friendships won't last forever, you may or may not trust them, and someday you'll just have to let them go like a leaf from a tree, which is a sad thing, but like Noah says "Time is a great healer."

Thank you for reading (if you're reading) this was really long, apologies. Let me know what you think of the book in the comments below.

HazzaMazza x

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I Wanted A Change | Introduction

I wanted to start a Blog.

The reason for that is because I can never keep my thoughts in my mind, I would express what is in my inner thoughts. And since I love writing and the English subject itself, so I would combine them together and I am writing on this today and on wards in the future.And also my dream in the future is to be an Author, and someday I also want this Blog to rise a bit:D

All of the stuff that I could talk about on here I can't say in real life because I am a very timid person who's in her own little world and in a shell that has opened a crack a little. What I mean by that is that I'm working my way to build up my confidence, so I am getting there. Do you ever feel like that in your own little ball and trapped from the outside world and have the struggle to crack it?

I've had many diaries in the past and many of them failed because I just didn't feel bothered anymore- although I did quite enjoying looking back on the past and see what happened in my life- but I guess this Blog will be called my Diary because I will definitely stick to it and it is my private place where I can share me stuff to you guys- if you're interested. If not then that doesn't matter, you don't have to read what I say, this is just my second wittle world.I'm so9 full of ideas that I feel like my brain is going to explode!!!

Thank you for reading (if you even are) and I will see you in my upcoming Blogs!