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Monday, 2 November 2015

Anime & Manga | Thoughts

Favourite Anime & Manga so far:
Fairy Tail
Sword Art Online
Vampire Knight

Those are my favourites so far.

I don't know why, but I just feel like talking about anime and manga since it is my favourite thing to do whenever I feel down, when I'm bored, need something to watch before going to bed or just normally watch it as I am on the web.

I just wish all the Anime lovers (known as otaku's) could just join together as one and all be friends. I certainly do wish to have that in my school, want more friends who share the same passion as me (not to get rid of the old ones of course), just why isn't there an anime club?.

5 things you should do whilst getting prepared to watch/watching Anime
1) Make yourself a nice cup of tea (or whatever drink you would like), and also grab some snacks while you're at it.
2) Get yourself a box of tissues for when you need to cry. Don't want to have a stream of them (Only used for a sad anime). Or if your eyes are like a tap-like me then use them in happy moments.
3) Any non-otaku's should not be allowed to come into room and disturb your precious anime time.
4) If you are on your down days, watch something that makes you feel more comfortable and what makes you laugh. It works on some people.
5) On a cold, dreary day sit down in your cosy socks, warm jumpers with your device and watch away!



  1. I used to be obsessed with animes. Like I would spend hours without sleep or eating just to finish some episodes, or should I say a season haha. Fairy Tail is really good! We can learn many from it.

    Though I still love anime, I'm not just the same old me, because I'm obessed with something else right now :)

    lumierejade.blogspot.co.uk ♥︎

    1. Sorry I didn't reply until now. Yeah Fairy Tail is so good. It's okay sometimes you gotta move on with things :)