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Hello! I'm gonna remain anonymous for now since I don't wanna reveal who I am. All I'm gonna say is I am Chinese I'm gonna say this Blog is my place for when I feel in the mood to share what I'm going through and what's going on- but not the big details. My diary that I'll keep on filling (hopefully). Because I'm not best with diaries, I just incomplete them. I'm just an ordinary girl living a generation full of technology, judgement and racism. There's so many ideas I wanna share that'll explode like a coke bottle (metaphor from Girl Online-Zoe Sugg) Photography is the thang! Also nature! Hope you'll enjoy this. See you around

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Noughts & Crosses Series | Books

Malorie Blackman 
Now I've never heard much about her when one day my Brother brought home one of her books and that was one of the Noughts and Crosses Series and that will be the first book. At that time I hated reading, but once I took a good look at the blurb and that made me realise that "Huh this is interesting, maybe I should read it."Took me a good old couple of pages for me to love Malorie. This was like in Year 8 or 7 I don't remember. Then later on in Yea 9 my old form tutor got me invested into more of her books such as 'Pig Heart Boy', 'Hacker' and 'Boys Don't cry' which I don't think I have finished.
She is a British Author who wrote about segregation when Blacks over-rule the Whites (aka the Crosses over-ruling the Noughts) and goes deep into politics of the ruling government Liberation Militia. If you love books that are on political views, segregation, difficulties in life, then I strongly suggest you invest in one of her books.

Noughts and Crosses Series
Callum is a nought-a second-class citizen in a world run by the ruling crosses...
Sephy is a Cross, daughter of one of the most powerful men in the country...
In their world, noughts and Crosses simply don't match. And as hostility turns to violence, can Callum and Sephy possible find a way to be together?
They are determined to try.
And then the bomb explodes...

Let me say I consumed a lot of sadness from it and it made me realise one thing in life and that is to never trust anybody. If you are someone that hates reading because you can't be bothered to open a page and read words off a page, then just give it a try. Read one page and see how it goes.
A devastatingly moving story that will blow your mind away and hit you in the feels. However it is recommended for older teenagers as it has sexual and violence in it.
And if you're not interested in any of that then try all her other books. They are amazing!

She focuses on the political views of race and that really interests me because I am the one who is concerned the amount of racism we still have worldwide and it is dis-heartening just to see one been brought down by another and the same pattern goes on and on.

With-held within a Prison Cell | Poem

I was alone in a very dark sole
With nothing to do and supervised
I walk around contemplating and contemplating again
When thoughts go through my mind, but nothing comes out

Screams, shouts, conflict, contradictions. All lies
It's like my mind is ready to die
I have no mobility
When I just sit there and have no accessibility
When my mind is a scribble, but my words are like a blank page

But why do I feel so lonely?
It's because I'm locked down like a prisoner in a prison cell
Like writing my own book whilst spending years and years there
But what can I do?
A image flew
I can get out of this mess
You can do this, you can do this
A voice which appeared in my head
I had to get out, I can't take it
My brain is screaming for air, it's screaming for fear
My body wanted to move, but it couldn't
The cell closed in on me
And once it got to the end I couldn't breath any longer
I shut my eyes slowly

When I woke up, I was in my own home...

Monday, 4 January 2016

Rundown of 2015 | Diary

So this year has been a few ups and downs for me during 2015. There have been really difficult times and then there was times when I was reassured and glad that everything was okay in the end .

I'm going to tell you my rundown of events that happened over the past year, there will be great events and there will be a bad and sad events.

Friendship Disaster 
Now friendship problems are a common thing that happen throughout the teenage life and it happens sometimes out of the blue and then you can also expect it.

So, back at the end of 2014 I left my usual friendship group because of someone and what they did in the past. And then I told a bunch of lies when I had to talk to them online and clear things up. When I do however have a problem of explaining something to someone I get that jittery feeling and start to panic, this happens when there is text and it's something negative or could possibly be about me. Then end up telling lies and not be honest because I would want to keep my friendship and it will end up horribly. It has always been my mistake and I can never fix it. So then I have minus a friend who may think I am a terrible person. Do not panic, and if you do take a moment to breath and then start typing your explanation and thoughts and everything will fly out like a butterfly.But hopefully someday it will be resolved and I have been contemplating about it throughout this year, even though it's something about the year before, it still has been a struggle to find my way to apologising.

Moving Out
One of my siblings have moved out back in July and it was a tough choice for my parent because she didn't want to waste money where you can just live at the family house. Since then my Mum has been rambling on and on about how my sister was indecisive about the moving out case. Yes it is tough to move away from parents because they would always think of you as their little baby and always stick by them, but then you have to let them be free and do their own thing because they are older and they need to take responsibility for themselves. So it was an absolute nightmare hearing my Mum ramble on 24/7 and there is going to be a continuation in 2016 probably. Awesome!; Not.

Discovering YouTubers
Back then I wasn't a fan of YouTubers and I never really watched and any YouTube at all. But in April I discovered Zoella. I knew a teeny tiny amount about her from magazines, but that was all. I started watching her and then overtime  I discovered more YouTubers and now there is a list of a lot of YouTubers in my Subscriptions. My brother makes fun of me because of it. This could sound cheesy, but without all these YouTubers I'm watching now, I would be in a total mess. I have learnt a lot about them. It's not all about Gaming, Beauty or challenges. You can learn something from them and an example is a tweet "Do more of what makes you happy" by PointlessBlog. Thanks I need that to motivate me everyday.

Overall 2015 was a bumpy year and that is going to happen in life and I have to get over it.
New Year's Resolution: Be more happy and develop confidence.


Monday, 2 November 2015

Anime & Manga | Thoughts

Favourite Anime & Manga so far:
Fairy Tail
Sword Art Online
Vampire Knight

Those are my favourites so far.

I don't know why, but I just feel like talking about anime and manga since it is my favourite thing to do whenever I feel down, when I'm bored, need something to watch before going to bed or just normally watch it as I am on the web.

I just wish all the Anime lovers (known as otaku's) could just join together as one and all be friends. I certainly do wish to have that in my school, want more friends who share the same passion as me (not to get rid of the old ones of course), just why isn't there an anime club?.

5 things you should do whilst getting prepared to watch/watching Anime
1) Make yourself a nice cup of tea (or whatever drink you would like), and also grab some snacks while you're at it.
2) Get yourself a box of tissues for when you need to cry. Don't want to have a stream of them (Only used for a sad anime). Or if your eyes are like a tap-like me then use them in happy moments.
3) Any non-otaku's should not be allowed to come into room and disturb your precious anime time.
4) If you are on your down days, watch something that makes you feel more comfortable and what makes you laugh. It works on some people.
5) On a cold, dreary day sit down in your cosy socks, warm jumpers with your device and watch away!


Girl Online On Tour | Zoe Sugg

Girl Online On Tour
Since I already probably told you about Zoella, so I'm just gonna go straight in to the what's it about?

Penny's Bags Are Packed
When Noah invites Penny on his European music tour, she can't wait to spend time with her rock-god-tastic boyfriend. But, between Noah's jam-packed schedule, less-than welcoming band mates and threatening messages from jealous fans, Penny wonders whether she's really cut out for life on tour. She can't help but miss her family, her best friend Elliot... and her blog, Girl Online.

Can Penny learn to balance life and love on the road, or will she lose everything in pursuit of the perfect summer?

Why I love it?
Since I loved Girl Online, why wouldn't I love the second book? It was quite an emotional ride. Apparently if you listen to music that fits well into the sign i.e listening to a deep and sad song in one of the scenes you'll end up almost crying (or is it just me?)

What I should of said in my previous Blog post of the review of the first book is that I love how Penny goes to New York and share some description of the place and the landmark itself. Everyone is just in New York now like the Sacconejolys, Joe Sugg, like wow!

Anyways I love how Zoe inputs like different kinds of things in each city to feel like a tourist attraction, so awesome! Love how she does her own research on Elliot the character too, the Wikipedia.

I love how all the characters have learnt to support and forgive one another and pick each other back up when they are down. And not everyone can turn out the way they thought they would be. Wish I can share some parts with you, but I can't. Unless I wanted to, but not gonna spoil anything.

This isn't really a good review because I'm not very great at reviewing at all, this is just an explanation on why I love it I guess.

For both books, it's definitely getting a 10/10!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

YouTubers | Thoughts

Why I am writing this Blog?
Well since I love YouTube and the people I subscribe to I love their content and the person themselves. I just felt like wanting to share with you all about my favourite YouTubers, and talk about them. Many of them I am going to talk about you will know and love. Enjoy!
In addition to what I said I haven't been watching YouTube for too long, only for 4 months and a few days, so I may not know my info. But I've watched many throwbacks of different YouTubers (A LOOOT!) YouTube is my replacement of TV to be honest and why did I not do this sooner...

Zoe Sugg (Zoella)
I love her as a person and a Youtuber one of the main reasons is because she gives us happiness and whenever we are in a down right mood she always is the one to cheer us up with her videos. I see that everywhere in the comments of her videos and I also agree.

She gives us so many things like her new product range, her Christmas range and her new Girl Online On Tour book release, and what do we do in return? We give her these many possibilities and opportunities that she can fulfill because of us: supporting her, watching her every Sunday and tweeting her many things and subscribing to her as a whole.

I love how she is a such a sweet person and she encourages me to get back up whenever you fall hard. There's so many more that I can say about her, but I need to stop rambling :P

Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog)
Well I fricking love Alfie's Twitter because he is filled with quotes that are awfully true. Now I know that quotes sounds like a cringy thing, but honestly I love them and they just descrive life in this generation and just life in general to be honest.

But that's not the only reason why I like him, he is filled with spirit, and gives us inspiration to stuff like not to give up and 'Do more of what makes you happy'. Which is true.

I love his Daily Vlogging and nothing beats to a good old Vlog when I am down (which is probably every day).

And there are many other YouTubers I love such as: ThatcherJoe, Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr, Oli White, Jacksepticeye, Marcus Butler, Tyler Oakley, the list can go on and on. But I love them all equally.

Who's your favourite YouTuber?

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Family Issues | Lifestyle

Family Issues
You know when you get those families who excessively argue and argue? Well I got me one of those. My Mum and Dad argue sometimes, even my Brother and my Mum! Including my sister and my mum before my sister had to move out.

And this would be me, the one who gets fed up of it and would wanna move out myself.

How to survive Family crisis, arguments and issues?
1) Do not get involved if it is a situation that hasn't got anything to do with you. If it is then try to be civil with whoever, and try to persuade the person that this is right and this wrong (I don't do this much, but there are a lot of situations where I just want to scream at my mum and tell her that she is wrong for a particular reason.

2) Put on some good quality headphones and blast out your music- not that loud to make yourself death, but loud enough so the music blocks away what you mum is saying or any other family member.

3) If you're a sensitive like me, then whatever you do, do not cry in front of your family otherwise whoever is angry will be angry at you for acting vulnerable. My crying place is the bathroom because you always have a door that symbolises a barrier to the world, so I just let my emotions out there.

4) If you get angry for the reason of chitter chatter from parents, then get something to relieve the stress. For instance Bubble wrap can help, like popping little heads of someone.

5) Tell your friends about it; but not all your friends, just the ones you are close to and trust. And be careful what you tell, not too much detail, your friends can reassure you and help you relax.

And the main one: Always stay positive no matter what you're going through

Hazza is going to Mazza x