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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Family Issues | Lifestyle

Family Issues
You know when you get those families who excessively argue and argue? Well I got me one of those. My Mum and Dad argue sometimes, even my Brother and my Mum! Including my sister and my mum before my sister had to move out.

And this would be me, the one who gets fed up of it and would wanna move out myself.

How to survive Family crisis, arguments and issues?
1) Do not get involved if it is a situation that hasn't got anything to do with you. If it is then try to be civil with whoever, and try to persuade the person that this is right and this wrong (I don't do this much, but there are a lot of situations where I just want to scream at my mum and tell her that she is wrong for a particular reason.

2) Put on some good quality headphones and blast out your music- not that loud to make yourself death, but loud enough so the music blocks away what you mum is saying or any other family member.

3) If you're a sensitive like me, then whatever you do, do not cry in front of your family otherwise whoever is angry will be angry at you for acting vulnerable. My crying place is the bathroom because you always have a door that symbolises a barrier to the world, so I just let my emotions out there.

4) If you get angry for the reason of chitter chatter from parents, then get something to relieve the stress. For instance Bubble wrap can help, like popping little heads of someone.

5) Tell your friends about it; but not all your friends, just the ones you are close to and trust. And be careful what you tell, not too much detail, your friends can reassure you and help you relax.

And the main one: Always stay positive no matter what you're going through

Hazza is going to Mazza x

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