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Friday, 31 July 2015


 Konnichiwa. In this Blog I am going to be telling you about a condition/ suffering what is called misery. Not a lot of people around me have misery, or they do, but it isn't obvious that they do. It is a rare thing to have as most people are happy.
So if I do please at least someone for this then I would as a person would be happy.

What is misery?
There are  few different ways into define what misery is. One way into saying is that it is a condition where it's caused by great distress or extreme unhappiness or need, privation and poverty. But mainly my definition of it is where you are suffering from extreme unhappiness.
This is a condition that can affect someone's life by not focussing on the world around them and just contemplates what they have done wrong and the flashbacks on what has been going on.

My Own Experience
As I went through Reception and Primary School all the way to the middle of Year 8 the misery I had wasn't that serious, but I still had a case of it. Although my misery stopped around then, towards the end of Year 9 I had it again, but little less than before. The causes of it were my family situations where sometimes my siblings would argue with my mum or my Dad will argue with my Mum. And then it sort of led on to having flashbacks in my head of having all the good times back when I was really young. I would cry every time the arguments got a little bit too serious and got a bit too loud, I would just but my head underneath my blanket covers and secretly cry my eyes out until I could fall asleep and wake up feeling dreadful and sad.

Another way that caused it, it was the people around me, the people in my class, people from different Year groups. The first time I got teased and bullied was in Primary School, where I had that haircut which was ever so short that it went up to my tip of the ears, I ended up getting teased from my friend who I realised that I should not have forgiven him. There are different aspects in the cause of my misery, but I am not going in full detail

What can it have an affect on people?
If someone had misery, and the friend is trying to interact with you and your other group of colleagues or friends, that person may be thinking all of them need to go away. Those group of friends may whisper to each other and talk down about you and underestimate you because you don't want them around. That's what friends are for to just be around you when there are times when you need them, but just not all the time.

What you/others can do to prevent this?
What you can do is that try to think positively about the world, flowers instead of darkness- that was not a good comparison- it can all be based around people who are in your life. The way I stopped it was by having friends that can influence me and make more happier when there are days when I just feel like crap and everything I think has gone wrong, their just full of joy and happiness is contagious.

But the one main thing that made me stop being miserable all the time is the development of my confidence., I feel like if you were a shy person and had a little bit of misery then building on your self-esteem and confidence will help too! Although this may not apply to people, but I guess it can for me, but we are not all associated with each other so people will have different views.

In my secondary school where we had this scheme of 'Vertical Tutoring' where we spend 20 minutes a day with people from different years and do activities. At first I literally hated it, no smiles and I just wanted to be under the table, haha. But my Form Tutor encouraged me to come out of my shell and she was and still is the reason why I have came out of my shell and became a better person and gave me a little more happiness..

So the main thing you would want to do is just come in and smile at everybody who come across your face even when you're having those bad moments. Never pay attention to the negative things that are in your way of the boundaries and live life on.

Thank you for reading, I hope this done good for at least one of you, that alone will make me happy


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