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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Jill Mansell A Walk In The Park

Reviewing A Walk In The Park By Jill Mansell
What's it about?
Lara Carson moved away from her hometown, Bath. Leaving her Boyfriend Flynn Erskine 18 years ago with questions, but no answers. Childhood best friend is thrilled for her to be back, as Evie walks down the aisle with her dream man Joel.
When Flynn and Lara meet again sparks fly, but is there a secret she is keeping from him? 

My Opinion about Jill Mansell's:
Jill Mansell I would say is one of my favourite authors probably because I love her Romance stories. Even though I only read two so far I love her stories. But this book is amazing- even though I can't judge because I only read this and her other book 'Solo', I do plan on reading more of her books but just not yet.

Her stories are to die for really.

My Opinion on The Walk In The Park:
What can I say? This book is dreadfully romantic. It's a bit of a tragic and inpatient book because you're destined for the romance to happen again and with the girls best friend having a meltdown. But other than that- not gonna spoil anymore- it is a great book. 

Don't you guys love it when there is a book where you can just imagine every single bit of the book in your head? That's when you know the book is a extravagant. 

The complication of relationships are just endless and surprising. Tessa and Flynn, aww ^^.

My Rating:
Rating out of 10  is gonna be 8/10

Thank you guys for reading, if you're planning on reading this or already read, tell me NOW!

Hazza out x